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Our Talium Students Have Really Nice Things to Say About Us


"It's more than kicking and punching.
It's a healthy activity that our entire family
can experience and enjoy together!
Our children have so much fun!"

"Best Martial Arts School within 50 miles. 
Great workout, and Super for kids to learn structure 
and discipline and self confidence."

"I love coming to class!"

"He has increased his confidence
and discipline. His schoolwork and grades
have improved and he is more respectful."

"It has taught my daughter great confidence
and leadership skills. Each new accomplishment
makes her feel she can do anything!"

"This is nice place to come work out & to learn.   
At Talium tae kwon do when you come here 
you are treated like family."

"I think Taekwondo at Talium is awesome!
I feel like it is an extension of our families
teachings at home of good values, respect and 
discipline, and in today's crazy world I love that 
my daughter is part of a group with good intentions
and positive attitudes."

"It is a very clean, positive environment for young kids 
to work on respect and disciplineas well as self defense. 
They go above and beyond to help kids with important life skills. 
I highly recommend."

"My daughter has been a student for over 5 years. 
She is now testing for her Black belt. 
They have taught her respect for herself and others, 
strength, and discipline. They are a wonderful organization. 
I would highly recommend them."

"Our son and grandson had been members of TKD classes 
at Master Cho's Talium in Cedar Grove, NJ for years. 
Master Cho and all the instructors are kind, patience 
and nurturing, as is Mrs. Cho. 
My husband and I had always enjoyed watching various 
belt testings and programs. 
I highly recommend Master Cho's Talium TKD for anyone who has an interest."

"From the beginning, I recognized the positive and supportive culture 
maintained by the Talium staff at all times.  The structure/format of 
the classes is always high quality, balancing fun with discipline.
During the time he has been at Talium, Jackson has demonstrated strong 
commitment to the program and improving his skills.  We have noted 
improvements in his strength, balance and hand/eye coordination.  
But most importantly, we have watched his confidence improve and carry 
over into other aspects of his life."


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